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Distance Over Time
Saturday 12/25/2021 10:41:00 PM

 the quiet grew louder as we waited for change to find us again. we sorted our words like coins. in an impossible attempt to determine their worth. we chewed off every button. trying to make the costume fit. 

the end of the world came and went. a whimper instead of a bang. a bargain with our own delusions. a play that carries on long after the last actor is dead. 

the curtain is heavy. the stage is bruised. still we say the words. an incurable fever of hope that only further sickens us. 

the night is fluid. the seasons are unconcerned. only flesh still trembles against the claws of winter as they hunt. . 

we're smaller than we've ever been. 

orphans in time's tightening fist. 

wearing the prettiest dresses. brandishing the biggest guns. desperate for any way to prove we a world that knows we're nothing. 

the chemistry churns and combusts inside us. the arrows pierce the bulls eye. 

the stitches come undone. the wounds fester.

we're small. that's all we've ever been. 

gravity snickers as we're swallowed by the edge. 


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