Sunday 12/26/2021 10:46:00 PM

 the copper serpent ripened in the fire. a carousel of cockroaches drew their portraits on our eyes. long and narrow and deep. the entrance is deaf. the exit is screaming. 

we're fallen leaves. we're bits of sand. we're everything that no one sees. we're atoms colliding. we're molecules forming mass. we're everything that's ever happened. 

the naked apple coaxes the spoon. the empty bowl negotiates the meat. we're always hungry. that's all we ever are. 

we starve. we gorge. never knowing the difference. 

the cracked door closes. the dancing room asks its questions. 

but we're not listening. 

we never have been. 

time pounds it fist on the walls. tomorrow stomps its feet on our ceilings. 

still we sleep. 

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