Saturday 12/11/2021 11:26:00 PM

 the silence was threaded as time wove itself through every moment. a lifetime of tiny ropes tying their knots under our skin. 

all those graves. they dug themselves. still the dead refused to rest. 

life is a pendulum. love is a brick. 

our capes tear. our super powers vanish. eventually, we're just us. 

the numbers seldom listen. the words can hardly hear. as truth bears down. crushing our fragile delusions. 

i'm alive. that's all i've ever been. or can be. i'm free. because flesh is just the lie that protects the truth beneath it.

i am the villain. i am the champion. they are the same after all. 

thieves pillaging what little remains in the periphery of our grief. 

i was plastic. a tattered doll with rigid arms. desperate for a skin. 

i collected each hour as we spent them. our debt deepening. until nothing remained. 

sometimes the monsters win. 

and that's okay. 

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