Monday 11/08/2021 11:10:00 PM

 the walls shimmered as i followed the slope of the ceiling. consumed by the complexity of the shadows. the corners hardly reacting as I shouted at the walls. 

the windows didn't listen as the wind tapped on the glass. all glum and frost in a long and cracking bridge. taking us nowhere. 

the marvel of want. all darts and pendulums. stroking panic with a closed fist. 

the choke of time. slipping slowly tighter. 

they draw their maps under our skin. angry nomads full of rage and resentment. 

they say our name. as if they know us. so many strangers in familiar masks. 

the world churns inside us. a heavy engine. thick with choices. an ugly room we keep locked. 

but for all our defenses, still the thieves find their way inside. 

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