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Distance Over Time
Friday 10/15/2021 11:04:00 PM

 choice came and went as the miles swallowed us. 

we were talking with our demons. debating the nature of happiness. and all the lies it tells us. 

steep ladders into dark places. trapdoors in paradise. 

flesh's memory is long, but seldom accurate. 

tying knots in lingering threads. pretending to know what they might mend. all the many tiny holes or the bigger ones. 

the difference almost seemed to matter. until it didn't. 

we pace on these leashes. assuming the rest of the world is just as small as ours is. 

skin fusses over the decimals. blood fidgets with the fractions. but the math doesn't care what we want. 

we borrow those moments of euphoria.

and we ache when it's time to give them back. 


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