Saturday 10/02/2021 10:57:00 PM

 the tunnel narrows. tomorrow flaunts its scars. we hurry toward the door. uncertain if we want in or out. or what the difference is. 

we trade. names. faces. bodies. the ugly currency of simmers and comes to a boil.

it scalds. it burns. and then just as quickly it forgets.

we drown it in meaning. we smother it in emotion. still it shrugs it all off. 

we grip it tightly even as it abandons us. we approach each intersection as if there is still a road back. 

destroyed by the irrelevance of our desires.. 

we stab with plastic knives. at the meat that remains unaffected. 

the feast is poisoned. but our hunger continues unrepentant. 

eventually we slip off these soiled skins. 

deep in an impossible debt. 

thieves with nothing left to steal. 

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