Sunday 8/15/2021 11:25:00 PM

 when we are each other we split along those familiar creases. balloons dragged into the sun. whispers in deaf ears. 

there we are. there we were. the grammar of flesh unwilling to concede.

each moment. a verb intransitive. every breath a dangling preposition. 

we fiddle with those little dials beneath our skin. 

time is a feckless whore. the truth is an inadequate prison. 

we turn on broken axes. skewered  by the geometry of want. 

we say the words. the words say us. habitual exemptions. as all the lights click off. 

the road narrows. the distance goes dark. 

we're full of all these little monsters. shame. courage. forgiveness. 

when we touch each other we know. what is ours. what is not.

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