Thursday 7/15/2021 11:22:00 PM

 there's a slit in the silence where all our words disappear. there's a hole in our skin into which the sweetest touch is lost. we've never been solid. always a fragile mesh frantically  trying to hold onto all the moments that are constantly slipping through our grasp. 

some tie such tight knots in us that there's no going back to before. nor any moving forward from them. 

until we're forced to cut them.

there's a corner in each of us where no one else has ever been. or ever will. 

the closer we get, the more alone we are. 

there's a piglet inside our head always stacking bricks. there's a wolf under our skin hungry for houses to blow down. 

there's the fairy tales we linger on when the night is soft. and there are the villains that destroy them. 

it doesn't really matter which ones we are. in the end they're the same. 

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