Sunday 6/06/2021 11:13:00 PM

 her plastic arms betrayed her. as she reached for the zipper on her spine. desperate to discard the burden of skin. 

her hollow torso hummed against the raindrops. as the storm collected on her lingering debts. 

her molded thighs were stiff as they pressed against their chains. poisoned by a freedom barely recollected. 

her fingers stumbled through the words. defeated by the wind. frantic for friction enough to spark her last remaining flint. 

the little soldiers in her head had no weapons left to brandish.. the sleeping demons in her lips were deafened by her sadness. 

she could only run. letting the miles consume her. as she collapsed into the distance. a remnant. a ladder inside the abyss. 

she dug a hole in the dirt. and slipped out of her tattered dress.

she threw her last penny in the well, but made no wish. 

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