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Distance Over Time
Friday 6/25/2021 11:24:00 PM

 time stumbles over our flesh. a curious poison. we continue to crave. 

the truth gnashes and bites. and we lap up the blood.

the hills test our the climb grows steeper. we choke on the wind. all the same. it chokes on us. 

we go nowhere. and everywhere. drenched  in a hurricane of choices. 

but what we can't have is the only thing we want. 

the lies continue to tell us as we wonder when the truth will catch up. 

the words are only a fraction. what  isn't said is  the bulk of the weight. 

all the detours. all the apathy betrayal breeds. your confessions arrive in puzzles I've no interest in solving. Your truths are yours. Not mine. 

we stack the bricks. relieved as our walls engulf us. 

we're prisoners with the keys to our cages. 

still freedom is a sharp cliff. 


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