Wednesday 5/19/2021 11:34:00 PM

time solves for us. the irrevocable equations of flesh and blood. a needle in the vein. a sip of poison in an infinite cup. 

life writes its stories under our skin. the withers of war as our armies diminish. 

the math continues its efforts to convince. amid the arrogance of hope and the ignorance of want. 

evolution forgets us. as we stumble further from its influence. 

the frailty of god strengthening our resolve. as we double down on the promises of absent prophets. 

we die just the same. we suffer as always. 

thieves. stealing life from moments much too small. liars. whispering in the ears of missing gods. 

we're lost not because we don't know where we are, but because we're searching for places that don't exist. 

animals choking on the sinew of how. 

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