Wednesday 4/14/2021 10:55:00 PM

 the hours churn. restless on their lilting axis. thieves with nothing left to take. our voices stumble. words are inadequate. we touch the void with hollow fingers. we chase the sun with melting wings. 

i wanted to know how. the cracks and the angles. the wrinkles and the knots. but the miles between us proved to be too much. 

we painted the streets. we followed the detours. unaware that we were lost. we counted the stars. while the moon laughed at our ignorance. 

the years swallowed us.

the race was over and the tortoise hadn't really won.

the lure of the edge a powerful narcotic. the promise of the end an unreliable escape. 

we broker every touch. the cold equation of want over trust.

our skin all stones and tissue paper. as we tore into each other. 

we lived like the end was near. but when it finally came we had already moved on. 

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