Wednesday 2/24/2021 11:03:00 PM

Our cages come and go. Some are fleeting. Others linger. 

Life is a liquid and a solid. It freezes. It melts. It drowns and it quenches. It builds and it crushes. 

We dance. To imaginary music. We run in circles. Insects in a panic. Unwilling to accept that we're meaningless. 

The pedestal collapses. Our arrogance undoes us. The simple mind. The complex heart. An impossible reconciliation. 

There's the lever under our oblivion. That we're constantly trying to manipulate. 

The cage is soft sometimes. We lean into its layers. Burying ourselves in the sharp claws of delusion. 

We're animals. Primates. Poisoned by the sting of evolution. 

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