Sunday 12/06/2020 11:31:00 PM

 how small we once were. how soft our chains. as we pulled our time machines from their dusty shelves.

eager villains in a perpetual ransom. of pleasure and pain. 

we'll always be thieves. in blood, sweat and bone. we'll always want, but never have. as our nothing overtakes us. as our frail ladders crumble under the weigh of our expectations.

the bridge swells. the choices thicken. as the corner turns us.we're lost in a labyrinth of what almost was. 

we're swallowed by the miles between us. we're spent by the changes that inevitably come. soldiers devoured by war. lovers strangled by lust. 

words stolen from the silence. hope snatched from the fist of defeat. we stab at the map. afraid to know where we are. we taste the edge. hot and bitter. as our hunger subsumes the math. 

ywr how small we are still remembers. while everything else begins to forget. 

we brace for the end of the world. but it's not ours to open. 

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