Thursday 10/15/2020 11:33:00 PM

 empty bridges. shallow puddles. the treacherous  loyalty of seldom lovers. 

the fairy tale came in fractions. the algebra of broken skin. 

years wasted on rusted zippers and the beautiful nothings inside them. 

no mountains. no rivers. just the spoil of the sun. as it rises on another thief. all our debts acknowledged. all our assets counted. as the end comes tumbling in. all sand and resentment. in a life only partially lived. 

hope... all counting colors we can't see. love.. all asking questions we can't answer. trust... the long staircase that leads us down into oblivion. 

the dagger quivers in her fist. the edge stumbles to reach her.

the moment is passed. the time machine is stalled. we're left with what we've always been. 

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