Wednesday 7/08/2020 11:19:00 PM

the empty roads call us to follow them. like the labyrinths in our skin. the endless miles spill their blood in our heads. we're drowning in our own intentions. we're starving because our hunger has betrayed us.

we stitch the wounds with hate. we use division as our bandages. 

the infection persists because the infection is us. 

i never knew her. though i thought i did. i never knew anyone. all thunderstorms and blnd wagers. all people suffer the truth of having lived. 

memories like candles extinguished. the dark becomes us. 

we lie. we pretend to love. but we don't know how. we never have. we're all thieves. we take what we want and never give. 

circumstance sours. life's brittle bridges give out as we run. the end always finds us. 

eventually tightens its knots. hate shouts. while love can only whisper. 

we're strangled from within. 

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