Friday 6/19/2020 11:05:00 PM

our voices melt in the sun. she treads the oceans between us, but I can't rescue her. 

time draws its diagrams in our hearts. all of life's random detours. and the familiar paths that lead us back to where we belong. 

her words burst. balloons too close to the atmosphere. i tug on the strings, but the wind rips them away. 

we're pieces afterall. that's how we start and how we eventually end. 

strangers in familiar faces. drowning in each other's ghosts. we wait. for changes that don't come. we hope for relief that was spent long ago. 

we linger in the remnants of our reality. paper left out in the rain. all the moments disappearing.  blades against the vein. desperate to and terrified of drawing blood. 

we're pictures before we're words. hunting the flesh of memory with daggers and stones. we're animals in our cages. the key tied to our throats. 

the closer we get. the more alone we become. 

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