Sunday 4/26/2020 11:19:00 PM

there is tragedy in every breath we take. the edge of the world in every word.

the songs we sing. the skins we collect. all camouflage and suicide notes. in the evolution of primates too convinced of their own perfection.

time hardens against us. the poisons we use betray us.

we're soft. feathers stolen by the wind. we're lost. orphans of gods that have never existed.

it's close enough to see. the limit that we've reached.

we bob. corks stranded in a rising sea. clinging to scraps of color as everything goes grey.

even when it's light. the shadow is us.

we're weightless. dismissed by gravity. we pace the bowels of our crumbling kingdom. waiting for something to save us.

we've always been in love with someday.

but it's never loved us.

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