Monday 2/17/2020 11:35:00 PM

we slipped inside the distance. all choke and euphoria. humbled by the thunder of our breath. inebriated by the speed of our blood. running away. running toward. hardly aware of a difference. interested only in the chase.

opportunity seduced us. proximity tempted. skin and heat collided in a fury of circumstance.

the moments simmered. loud enough to burn us. we lost our skin, but the muscles persisted. all broken glass and sugar. as we searched our bodies for words they didn't have.

the ghosts ruminated. needles tethered to knots in their thread.

we had our blades. we were ready to cut. still we hesitated.

i was found by the miles long before i found them. i was lost. will always be lost inside them.

that is where i belong.

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