Tuesday 1/07/2020 12:12:00 AM

we die so often we become accustomed to it happening. our shards sparkle in the sun. while the whole is lost to us.

change comes with open fists and a racing heart. high on the expectation of want.

the bridge waits patiently. simmering in the fever of perspective. eager to infect us. with the fantasy of hope.

it's the little dogs that bark the loudest. it's the empty room that's the most claustrophobic.

we whispered the nothings that would undo us. we pulled the threads through our wounds.

forever gave up and we were left with each other. and the masks we couldn't take off.

strangers with needles too deeply embedded to ever remove.

why weigh the boulders we've been pushing when they've already crushed us.

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