Sunday 10/27/2019 11:12:00 PM

yesterday we were broken. split by each other. blades left to spin. as the tall grass grows brown with winter.

the poison solved us. our hungry puzzles souring in the sun. all of our soft pieces defined by their sharp edges.

the distance lingered. as close as we were. the math struggled to forgive us, but flesh is relentless.

sober was too dense. we couldn't breathe. we couldn't swim. corks caught in the current. while solid land continued to drift.

we stole each other. pillaging the pieces. casual thieves posing as saviors.

dependencies. everything is contingent.the world moves on nature's fulcrum. as we do on each other. the angles spin us. bend us. turn us over. lost little puzzle pieces. minor bits of such a vast picture.

we shuffle. we're dealt. wagered until we're won or lost. all our value in how much we matter to other people.

we're shelter. and we're the storm. too often decided by circumstance.

the doors wonder why. the walls pretend not to see. what the windows have always known.

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