Wednesday 9/04/2019 11:33:00 PM

She felt heavy, yet empty. And wondered how that could be possible.

The anxiety in her head buzzed brightly. A song she'd listened to on repeat since she was a child. A dreadful Morse code  pleading for rescue to an unmanned outpost.

Time is particular. Flesh is finicky.

It was still summer, but it already felt like winter.

We wander this damp carnival. Imagining prizes and cotton candy. As all the tents deflate. A cacophony of  choice and misdirection. The clever accessories of arrogant strangers.

The world was thick and moist inside her head. A stubborn virus.

She pulled her pillows closer and waited for reality to recede.

She wanted to pick her battles, but there were just too many from which to choose.

She wanted to tell her child it would get better, but she couldn't lie to her.

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