Thursday 9/19/2019 11:28:00 PM

let us run. on hungry feet that devour the pavement. let us bleed. from deep wounds. that purge the darkness within.

the summer whispers. the winter shouts. all the seasons in our minds. a tempest of choices.

the bridges tremble against the wind. the weather will not be convinced. its mercy is all we can ask.

the road opens. a seldom confidante. a naked lover.

the teeth of the zipper. the shadow of how.

we're small. or at least that's how we feel. as the clouds bloat with thunder and the storm breaks open.

the monsters in the storybooks and those under our beds. not quite real, but not easily ignored.

we're soft. or at least, that's how we feel. as the sky begins to stiffen. and the world clenches its fists.

it seems impossible.

that nothing has changed. yet everything is different.

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