Tuesday 8/20/2019 12:30:00 AM

time drifted through her veins. a lazy metronome. as the end came into focus. she imagined bombs and radiation. but instead, it was just words. cruel things people could say. maddening breaches of logic used to justify hatred.

it was eventual. A considerate stopwatch. counting the seconds in correlation to our arrogance. the frozen ladder of patience quivering against the strong winds of our altitude.

the blade cut. we bled. everything else was lost.

the fever of the high as we crested the hill. the sober of the winter as the cold overtook us.

we were never so young as we were then. pulling on the threads. as the seams opened up. wagering the hours in a fever of grief. the colors faded. the virus spent. we were young, but not young enough.

we argued with the apocalypse. spoiled and defiant. we soared over the edge. never thinking for a second that gravity would win.

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