Friday 7/19/2019 11:41:00 PM

time overtakes us. we're already spent on tomorrow. yesterday is bankrupt. our choices all broomsticks and cauldrons. no magic. just witches

we said goodbye. or pretended we did. caressing reality's razor. peeling the skin from the bone. on skeletons more paper than blood.

we melted in the rain. we burned in the sun. but the end never truly came.

we were hungry. picking at the leftovers. wondering where the next meal would come from.

all the little monsters. and all the big ones. they were just shadows on a page we hadn't turned.

all the minutes and the hours. trembling in our veins. a poison we're  ravenous to consume.

i wouldn't know your face anymore. your voice would be a stranger. it's the taste of you that lingers.

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