Wednesday 7/10/2019 11:48:00 PM

life infects us. burrowing deep into our skin. our bodies become stories we tell. pictures we trace.

we come. we go. empty pendulums. chewing the sweet moments down to raw bone. the meat long gone. the hunger still adamant.

we run. we pause. hollow bowls bereft of nourishment.

we hunt. we kill. but the flesh is rotten. the bread is stale.

we argue. we debate. with all the lies we've let ourselves believe. but the truth never yields.

the pebbles fall. on the soil. on the water. each one finding its own depths to penetrate. the stone scratches. scraping the grass. shearing the pavement. each stroke shaping the flow of the next. small frictions multiplying in the broad stokes of time's unrelenting ballet.

we drag these heavy zippers behind us. they open. and we spill out. an emotional hernia. they close.biting down. gnawing off the lingering pieces.

we shed these skins. stripping down to just the skeleton. exhausted from the weight of it.

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