Thursday 6/13/2019 11:41:00 PM

where were we when the end was spent. fretful beggars counting the holes in our socks. as the distance devoured the last of our resolve.

how close was the sun when we let our eyes shut. negotiating the darkness in narrow percentages. selling  hours for minutes with the drug. stabbing the wind with empty syringes. dragging tomorrow behind us. as we struggled to reach surface.

gravity mortgaged our bones. on the miles we had accumulated. flesh weighed us down. a sickly cloak. we quickly discarded.

time is a thief. all poison tentacles and rotted joints. truth is a monster. hiding in our closet.

we can't be saved. we can only survive the assault.

we needed to run. to chase those ghosts. we never imagined how far it would take us.

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