Thursday 3/21/2019 11:44:00 PM

name the sun. in colors and catapults. wear the wind. in poetry and infections. the world chokes. on voices. and skin. and wanting. a jagged page ripped from a tragic story. a miniscule truth lost in an ocean of grief.

the doll dances in scuffed shoes. in torn skirts. to music that seldom plays. still she hears it. long after the silence has overtaken.

the folded map. the puzzle of skin proliferating. coins in a fountain. needles in haystacks. everyone looking. for things that don't want to be found.

the slope of her skin indicating. the shape of her surrender.

we suffer. the epiphany of our embrace. the sour math. of things just out of reach.

we pull on the knots. wondering. willl they tighten or come undone. afraid to know the difference.

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