Sunday 3/03/2019 11:35:00 PM

She counted the shadows as the ground passed beneath her. Her stride a blur of music and grief. The miles came and went. Easy. Hard. Confident.

Her breath even as her muscles faltered to keep pace. The world a strange invader. Memory a steep staircase. Dense with velvet and regret.

Uneven corners. Weighted bridges. Obstacles like candy. No races. Just distance divided by speed. No finish. Just how far we've gone. How close we've come.

The sunlight devoured the curtains. He was still asleep.

She marvelled at the poetry of his unconsiousness. The grin of his breathing. The arrogannce of his peacefulness. He was alone. He didn't know it.

Never would.

Men break. Women bleed.

No one wins.

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