Tuesday 9/04/2018 11:18:00 PM

it was far. until it wasn't. the heat of the hunt burning its stories into our flesh. a simple war full of casual complexities. victory and defeat impossibly similar.

a nervous path trembling between open road and collapsing bridge. circumstance drawing its sketches. while we pretend to know where these random colors belong.

the pencil scratches. our maps tear.  choices dissolve like tissue paper.  the mundane elements of having lived.

the flood comes and goes. all the places i've never been. the end erupts. miles. inches. distance is overcome by depth.

the box remains sealed. the poison inside it unknown. whatever is alive is also dead.

gravity. time. context. a ladder without any rungs.

hope falls in a steady drizzle. still our thirst persists.

it was a mile. then it was ten. life is a scavenger. picking at time's carcass. we wear its corpse. while we wait
for our flesh to grow back.

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