Tuesday 8/07/2018 12:03:00 AM

the wound was silent. as the blood drew its maze. the infection redolent. as the disease placed its bets. too small to kill us. too big to let us live.

the path was clear as the shadows gave chase. the spoils of adrenalin erupting in my veins. the fireworks of contagion collecting empty bridges. too far to chase. too close to forget.

the usual gamble of skin. tenderly slitting throats. the soft chatter of want doling out its acceptable brand of treason.

the lock stood. hungry for a key. the storm approached. our naivete pulling us into the wind. small pricks of sunshine in the epiphany of our midnight. desperate thieves. wearing out their alibis.

the filament broke. the darkness eagerly took over. deep inside the fibers of the map. lost relased its flood. suddenly everyone was drowning. and blindness became an asset.

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