Sunday 7/08/2018 11:22:00 PM

small storms echo. louder than they should. weak bridges fuss with the wind. time presses. thumb and hatchet. paper and blood. time is a wolf. flesh is a dove.

the angles wear us. obtuse and adamant. making us that much smaller in the wake of our expectation.

the oblique lines penetrate our distance. fumbling toward delusions of happiness. spilling into our corners. embracing all our diseases.

the math ticking in our minds. as the miles crumble under our footsteps. no matter how far. regardless of the distance. we're always close to the edge. we're always driven by the abyss.

there is strength in hunger. there are shackles in freedom. life is a metaphor of choices. a narrative of complications.

the hours overcome. too far. no closer.

we paint the walls. in the colors of our want. we wear the darkness. in the fever of our progress. choice is a war. certainty a weapon. gravity solves us. as the kite string burns our skin.

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