Thursday 7/26/2018 11:29:00 PM

near enough it seemed. though the edge still shimmered in the distance. weak enough the bridge. as we sunk unto each other. in fits of apathy and abundance.

i didn't know the names of the streets. i didn't keep track of my path. as the world unraveled in my progress. our choices. a series of knots. coming undone. our bodies. broken stairs. leading us down. below the surface.

it was summer, but it wasn't hot. as daylight lingered on the remains of our want. a waning twilight. ripe with disappointment. we couldn't give it a name. carve its silhouette into our skin.  it was too fleeting for such a permanent deception.

all the little lies expired. and we were left with only the big ones. and they were too heavy. we couldn't take them with us.

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