Wednesday 4/04/2018 11:46:00 PM

tell me how we were once that young. so small that everything we touched was so much bigger than us. tell me the truths that gave us courage. tell me the lies that let us believe them.

in the grim of conceit. we spent those moments. the sober of flesh not withstanding. as each storm arrived with a fresh flood.

in the shadow of the bridges. the path broke. fell away from the traffic. the small needles. the straining threads. of a hesitant summer. and the body's reluctant consent.

it's the steep slope that we climb. it's the shallow puddle that drowns us. it's the choice that tempts us. the decision that defines.

a long war of empty consequence. wears her skeleton like an ill fitting gown. the hours dance. ugly with the promise of when.

choices. like daggers. pierce her heart. the dead have their whispers. the living have their scars.

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