Thursday 3/08/2018 11:23:00 PM

the folds wither. diminishing under the strain of life's architecture. the vertices pivot. convincing each other. of what direction. of how close. the degrees remain constant. though the divisions fluctuate. spent. the choke of the ladder. as the sky slithers deeper into the distance.

the structure listens. exhaling the last remnants of purpose. soft against the fulcrum. as the lever fails. humbled by gravity's verdict. as the ground reaches out to taste our panic. all horsehoes and fishhooks. on the edge of consent.

we might say it was delicate. remember it as we want. but the truth is, it was brutal. wasted. needless.

the paper turns and gives. the patterns fuss. tomorrow calculates. touch borrows against emotion. for pleasure. for hope. for nothing.

everything is echo. a fleeting bolt of lightning as the thunder cracks against our ears. want pouring down upon us. like that first breath oxygen. as we the surface is breached.

we are so small. everything is bigger than us. perspective whispers. quietly strangling. like that last swallow of air rapidly dissipating. as we begin to sink.

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