Monday 3/19/2018 11:49:00 PM

the slope took us. the vex of momentum antagonizing gravity. calm and indifferent. as acceleration wove its arrogance into the dense burlap of our psyche.

small magicians in big top hats. shaking their dead rabbits.

the future festers within. poisoning us with a virus of tomorrows.

the intersection approaches. loud and feral. with places and people. and ample claws.

the places fetch us. rudimentary strangers drowning in proximity's allure. seldom found. nor wanting to be. now devoured by shadows and swallowed in sun. awakened by the fire that consumes us.

it was too soon. it was too late. there's little difference

the corner trembles. much too alive. much too real. a lightning bolt in a blizzard. that is when. only one  moment. then it's gone forever.

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