Sunday 2/25/2018 11:04:00 PM

the velocity comes in sharply. as the moments tumble. one by one. an endless string of dominoes. knocking us down. steep paths in thick mud. falling is progress.

the lingering ratios. loyalty to predation. the simple balance. discipline to expectation.

the highway narrows. still our speed remains constant. we swerve, but collision is inevitable.

the miles make their tick marks in our grief. the stolid cartography that wears these trembling skins. the burden of hope. its inherent betrayal. and lingering consent.

we're only as sure as the deepest cut. we're only alive when all the bandages bloom red. we purchase each other in pieces. placing our bets that whole will come.

we carve our maps in thick scabs. knowing that blood will always take us home.

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