Sunday 8/06/2017 11:33:00 PM

proximity was well spent. on the little crimes. the small betrayals. gravity's delinquent  machinations. loosened the hinges.

empty thresholds. shallow rooms. the barters of flesh. all chewing gum and sewing needles. no politics. just skin. heavy with empathy and Darwin.

walking on the blisters. running on the blades. the technicals of humanity measuring us. by the weight of our surrender. and the void of our struggle.

the evolution of touch. piss and vinegar in the face of the wind. bones buckle under the force of the spin. after all those time machines we held onto proved utterly useless.

humility's conceit turning putrid.

we're never as young as we were when the first plunge of hurt split open our chests. the world was ours. until it wasn't.

we still chase those feelings. though the body is a broken compass.

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