Sunday 7/23/2017 03:21:00 AM

say it softly. if it can even be said at all. the truth. your truth. no one else's. the roar of traffic on the street as you walk. dead matches on your tongue.

the world is scalene. the angles rarely match.

our determination is heavy. a full bag of stones that beats our spines as we walk.

our choices are plain. scraps of paper. scribbles of ink. a dose of poison at the bottom of  a honey pot.

the world seems solid, but it's anything, but. all suspension bridges and abandoned bus stops.

so many maps without places on them. so many fists trying to hit.

we spend the fire. flame by flame. never knowing when the light will expire. and we'll be bankrupt again.

i could be hurt. let the grief smother me in its thick fog. surrender to being lost and finally be free again.

instead, we choke down the sharp edges. imaginig the puzzle can still  be solved. with so many missing pieces.

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