Thursday 6/29/2017 11:12:00 PM

wear the stones. in withering angles.

lost was only ever a place to begin. and then there was over. all thunderstorms and heatwaves. the severity of surrender judged by how far.

 there was sweat and indifference. as the wind struck harder and the sun failed to breach the clouds.

 there were people everywhere. a plague of bodies hungry for tyrannical consent.

 the fables came and went. all mud puddles and drizzle. in the overcast of our freedom.

 the corners drew us. a portrait of choices. slouching toward crumbling horizons.

 the math took us. doses of medicine. the end of the world. all batteries and chewing gum. acid and spit teaching us compassion. want choking on forigveness.

our heads full of torn maps. our bones heavy with all the places we never left.

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