Saturday 4/22/2017 02:08:00 AM

soft surrenders negotiate the mechanics. plastic kings on their melting thrones. stuttering despots presiding over the infinite realms of the broken and the lost.

jagged paths find their way. through the marrow and the sinew. the properties of when. balloons without strings. pencils in the dark. drawing treasure maps on torn paper. in bleeding ink.

the swing creaks. cradled in the lope of the wind. the metal rusts. inertia stutters. and we're strangers again. students of gravity's intricate poisons.

the seldom seen colors. the rarely heard whispers. it all comes forward. sharp heels dug into the shadows and the soil.

all the lies that told us. and the many that failed.

flaunt their narrow bridges.

and the bitter math we spend on each other. was never so right as when it was over.

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