Monday 3/27/2017 01:58:00 AM

steep ladders bargain with the lean. the spoils of physics.the scrape of math. as the flesh finds the angles too abrupt.

the wear of the moment. iciciles and hot plates in a violent war. the thrum of the want. all soft dough and rock salt as the sugar carmelizes on our lust.

thick choices exaggerate their poignancy. the miles give chase. footsteps are fangs. hours are meat.

the slope of how. dense with the qualifications of trust. the fever of flesh. infected with hope. a brilliant plague. a perfect poison.

loose stones invest in the trechery of the path. the road throbbing in their fists. heavy boulders displace lingering bones.. an economy of distance whsipers. cold cannons in a war of skin.

stumbling bridges. loose wood. failing screws. resonating in the sprint. between then and now.

travelling thieves paint the corners. the colors forget. the brief surrenders that almost made us real. while impossible numbers continue accumulating our growing debt.

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