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Distance Over Time
Tuesday 1/24/2017 11:53:00 PM

the pain resolves. something similar to suffocation. a pinch of air in the needle. just as the drug is absorbed.

the years ingest life's poisons  until everything is toxic. a stutter of friction. on the thinnest blade of flesh. effortlessly consumes everything i thought i had become.

in my mind i die a every day.  a splinter in the bony finger of tomorrow. a purchase of want. staler than i remembered. though hunger eagerly surrendered.

we search. skin like maps unfolded. impossible to put back the way it was.

there's no need for lies when even truth has its fictions.

we got old. we knew it would happen, but were still surprised when it did.

the grief erupted. a dull blade. tearing its way through the layers of want. until only knots remained.

it was a choice. or wasn't it. i still haven't decided.

it was a beginning. it was an end. it's the middle that's worrisome..

the steep slope of conceit. as it puzzles after our panic. the soft crackle of the flame in my chest. as i let it burn again.


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