Tuesday 11/08/2016 10:45:00 PM

the miles work their way into the skin. footsteps appraising the distance. how far is it worth. how close did we get.

life is a series of bargains. the potential. the inert. the kinetic. the fresh pain versus the stale wisdom.

the internal struggle clawing its way to the surface. as weak bridges shake underfoot.

the constant drowning. in a sea of people. no room to swim.

the wolf whsipers. dicarding its trademark grin. the sheep snarls. fierce with hopelessness.

the fairy tale sustains us. both the fools and the scholars. because nothing else can.

the illusion of hope. the fraud of choices. the prison of freedom.

the wind is soft. the sun is kind. but everything else is hard. the faces of strangers as we pass each other. acute reminders of the human paradox.

always bled by the same cuts. always burned by the same acid.

that we can only find ourselves when we are lost.

that we alone draw all the maps that lead us there.

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