Sunday 10/09/2016 11:14:00 PM

it's almost tomorrow, but yesterday is still manic in my head. it's almost tomorrow, but yesterday has already forgotten. the people we were. the moments we had.

there are only the skins. as empty as they've become. there's only the void where we once shared each other.

if i ache, then you must as well. if i fall, you are the edge from which i drop.

if you hurt, then i am wounded. crippled by your absence. destroyed by your love.

the things we want decay under the years let slip.

if you bleed, i am the bandage. if i am broken, you are the crutch.

the places we seek vacant ruins.

it's almost tomorrow again, but yesterday still corrupts.

we can only be what we are. yet what we are still betrays us.

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