Sunday 9/18/2016 11:56:00 PM

the end lingers. dense with thoughts. the metaphor surrenders. bruised and beaten. it begins easily enough. a flicker of venom ignites to a beautiful eruption of chaos. we're spoiled by temptation. younger in our heavy skins.

we're negotiating gravity. bargaining past and present. smaller as we go. shrinking into the clutches of perspective. stubborn orphans of the will to live.

the beginning craves. thick with caution. ripe with grief.

choices fumble. stones against the wind. thoughts like zippers come undone. shallow cuts to minimize the blood.

cause and effect have their debate. flesh and thought have their structure. bridges torn and distance spent. the curious pageant of human resolve. kicking and pulling on the noose's  tightening knot.

it's not mine to take. nor to leave. i simply swallow the poison and wait for the result.

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