Friday 8/05/2016 01:45:00 AM

colors change. patterns stall. uphill. downhill. around the world. gravity does its worst to make us fall.

we wear the zippers. stubborn thieves in a panic of skin.

choices have their poisons. the future has its kingdom. Warm cages and delicate relics occupy crumbling flesh. no time for immunity in the throes of loss.

the road has its voices. the intersections breathe. curious monsters that devour our minuscule wars.

we only go so far on our own. distance has its limitations. the corners turn us. leaves thrown from their branches. choking on the wind.

the unexpected always happens. the world ends quickly. without much ado. spent on a trajectory of epiphany and regret. the path collapses and we are small again.

shaky letters in a library of smudged flesh. .a carnival of bones in an apocalypse of  skeletons.

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