Sunday 8/28/2016 12:06:00 AM

solvent curiosities flourish in hungry thoughts. the angle of temptation tilts similar to bridges yet undone. the spectre of gravity eventually betrays all lovers.

seldom are the lonely tamed. rabid beasts of flesh and succor. sweat and begged in the creases of callous darkness. bloomed and bargained as forbidden treasures.

the panic swells. the void eclipses. such is the hysteria of the hopeless. ripe with hunger. and sour of appetite. blind flesh. deaf bones. rage at the poisons that originate from within.

the distance swells. stubborn fingers press their purchase on how close. tender thieves measure the difference.

the flesh moves rapidly, though the skeleton is slow. touch is a  perfect treason.

the conflict simmers between them. steadily coming to a boil. the memory scalds. the flesh weakens and makes us strong.

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