Saturday 5/28/2016 02:22:00 AM

the end echoes. nervous fingers wear their resolve in zeroes and ones. the binary chokes on the numbers. spending us in an array of panic and discord.

walking on numb feet. dancing on missing limbs. lost in a profound inertia.

time forks. and we are taken by both paths. divided. impotent ogres in a devastating fairy tale. a collision of catalysts drowning in the science of now.

let it wait. wrinkles in the storm. voices in the panic. let it find. the open sores.

the crisis of when. the vanity of how. fragile kingdoms flaunt their impotent czars.

the slope beckons. ripe with gravity's rapacious drag. the zipper opens. the skeleton is exposed.

the angle is corrupted. the velocity is disturbed. the minor epiphanies of lovers and wolves.

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