Monday 5/09/2016 01:17:00 AM

the numbers simmer. the hours reticulate. skin like soldiers. touch like war. she turns to face the geometry of when. all her defective monsters pause. wet, but still waiting for the bulk of the storm.

it all moves closer. a static dilation of the parallel. heavy fists, though they're empty. brilliant colors though the world is grey.

the sky is forgetful. the wind impatient. the distance measures her progress in all the wrong increments.

she takes the corner and is taken by the momentum. her movement chews and swallows. hungrier still with every inch.

the math doesn't calculate. the science cann't explain. how we are convinced to go. nor how we to these places.

there are only the angles. as obtuse as they've always been. and the treasure maps they discover under our skin.

it's too simple she says. paper cups in the rain. puddles in the sun. it all disappears as quickly as it came.

the steps confront her. in the awkward perpendicular of words and flesh. reason falters. arrogance betrays. all that remains to save her is gravity.

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